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Thread Strategy: Built For E-commerce Breaking Through To Busy People – Part 2

As mentioned in our previous segment, Cole and Trevor have chosen a set of companies as trusted digital influencers to assist them with recommendations they need for everyday purposes such as travel, finance, dining and retail decisions. As a result, the brands associated with these decisions have become familiar and reliable "go-to" options in their busy lives. To put it another way, the brands have broken through all the gatekeepers at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising, [...]

Thread Strategy: Built For E-commerce How Effective Could E-mail Be” – Part 1

Is a "thread strategy" for you? Have you already purchased a web to e-mail marketing system, but aren't getting the results you'd expected? Is it designed into your sales, service or e-commerce apparatus? If you've considered implementing a multimedia marketing campaign as a method to boost sales opportunities, lead generation, and deeper customer engagement, then this brief summary is for you. Let me start by introducing the scenario of two business people to set out the merits of implementing a [...]

Beyond The Edge

Getting there faster is its reward. But, getting there more efficiently is possibly of even greater value because it is all about the journey. As a wise and influential man commonly said frequently, “it isn’t necessary for us to learn everything the hard way." Beyond gaining an edge at your life’s pursuit, we can all live more deliberately and be willing students through and through.